You may purchase a membership using cash, credit card or digital currency. Members do not need to know about digital currency to join.  All forms of payment are accepted. 

Membership is evidenced by the ownership of 5000 LGD tokens.  Tokens may be purchased directly from the club upon arrival or online through

You can purchase a single token or as many as you prefer. Tokens may be used inside the entire club and carry a twenty (20%) percent discount on all club services.  Tokens do not expire. 

An annual membership requires ownership of 5000 LGD tokens.  Members receive additional benefits such as preferred seating at events, pre-sale ticket opportunities, a twenty  percent discount on drinks, bottle service, private rooms, and access to our concierge services. Members do not pay a cover charge or entry fee.

Your membership may be shared or transferred as you see fit. 

If you want to purchase via wire transfer, contact for specific deposit instructions. 

If you are a bitcoin customer, please send coins to

Email transaction information to

If you are a credit card customer or have payment questions, please call the club directly at 702-333-1555.

Use the link above for the buy membership and buy LGD buttons. 


The Legends Room is the first nightclub in Las Vegas to accept bitcoin.